a bookish december

a bookish december

Wait, is this English? Does Verena write in English? Is that a good idea? Well, let’s see. You know that i like this language very much and I also read English books. So why not blogging in English, too? If I had the time I would write in both languages – German and English.
I think I will only write in English if the content is about the books I’ve read. Consider this as an experiment. 😊

december statistic

Moon Over Soho *” (November 29 to December 15, 2015)
Whispers Under Ground *” (December 15 to 27, 2015)
The Masked City *” (December 27 to 31, 2015)
Broken Homes*” (since December 31, 2015)

As you can see, I’ve read a lot of fantasy last month. For me, this is something new. Well, not exactly new. When I was younger, let’s say, in my late teens, I used to read a lot of this stuff. Mostly Holbein. Than I got bored and discovered Rebecca Gablé.

Now, that I am older, I started reading this genre again but only after experimenting with young/new adult and ChickLit. Don’t get me wrong – I still like them. But I need more and after reading “The Invisible Library” I was into fantasy. Okay, you might say “Whaaaat? Verena, this is no proper fantasy!” and you might be right. Nevertheless, for me, it’s enough fantasy.

I really enjoyed reading the PC Peter Grant Series by Ben Aaronovitch so far although some scenes didn’t want to end. For example the one they first enter the secret tunnel systems. It’s very suspenseful but it could have been a bit shorter. That’s my opinion. 😊

As for “The Masked City”, I was really excited to finally read this. It’s the second book of the “Invisible Library”-series by Genevieve Colman and was published last month. The reader follows Irene into a Venice to rescue Kai, her apprentice. Yeah, a Venice. Not just Venice. As you know, the world in “Invisible Library” consists of many alternate universes. One of them is the universe in which Irene and Kai are working and living (a Victorian London full of werwolfs, fae and other mysterious creatures).

I LOVED reading this! Really! It was never too long, too boring, too…whatever. The characters are great and there are books – libraries full of old books. And of course magic.

New this month are the last two issues of “The Happy Reader” and a book we will read in school (“Tauben im Gras*”). For Christmas I didn’t got any book so I have to buy them all myself. 😉

That was it. I have to look through some photos I took during a kart race a few weeks ago to send them to the boys. They eagerly anticipate the pics.