a bookish sunday


Welcome to the first sunday blogpost in 2016! As in the previous years I post a bookish article every sunday where I will tell you about the books I’ve read, cancelled, bought, finished etc. Also, there will be some link tips and reading recommendations. New this year: these articles will be in English! (let’s see for how long 😉). But don’t be scared: There will be posts in German as well. It’s just a try.

This week the #leseparty took place and of course, I attended this event. I am a slow reader so I didn’t read a lot books. So I only read one book.

currently reading:Broken Homes*” by Ben Aaronovitch

finished:Whispers Under Ground*” by Ben Aaronovitch (4 out of 5 stars), “The Masked City*” by Genevieve Colman (5 out of 5 stars)

new in:The Happy Reader – Issue 4*” and Issue 5*. I also ordered a new Moleskine calendar* but the delivery takes a few days. Let’s hope it arrives on time for school on thursday.

articles on my blog this week: The first entry this year was my december reading statistic – also in English.
In “Bilanz zum Jahresende” I looked back by answering a few book and blog related questions. My blogpost “Die drei beliebtesten Artikel 2015” is about the three favourite articles (according to the views) in 2015.
There is also a new review.

Update Blogroman: There are some new chapters!

Link tips: “Die Leserin” is back and published a list of (every) bookish challenge.

As a huge fan of London I was very grad to see this website: a fictional London map where you can find a lot of places mentioned in Fantasy, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy and so on.

Have a nice sunday!