review: Escape to the Cotswolds (Natalie Kleinman)

Don’t judge a book by its cover – why I didn’t enjoy reading this novel

When I first saw the cover of “Escape to the Cotswolds*”, a novel by Natalie Kleinman which will be published on 21 June, it reminded me of a novel I enjoyed reading. It’s similar to the cover of “Return to the Little French Guesthouse” by Helen Pollard. But, as they say: don’t judge a book by its cover – and it really is true.

The cover is colourful, cosy looking and suggests a perfect read. But sadly, it was no perfect read at all. At least for me. I don’t know how you feel about that book, but I can only speak for myself. The description sounds promising. But while reading Natalie Kleinman’s novel, I couldn’t feel this “connection” between me and the characters I feel most times when I’m reading. In my opinion, the characters weren’t well developed. They were okay, but that was it. I couldn’t see that Holly has feelings for Adam – or any men. She never really thinks about him and when she does, she tries to persuade herself for a short time that she has no interest and than she goes on with her life. Even when she and her friends learn who the art thief is, nobody seems shocked. Although Holly nearly slept with him! It’s just like that: Oh, Gordon is the thief. Okay. *shrug* No hard feelings, no arguments and no word about the fact that he has stolen from Holly, too!

Then the conversations. They aren’t really interesting or deep. On one point, the answer to a question doesn’t match.

“(…) How is Gordon, do you know?” (…)

“No, we haven’t quite decided what to do yet. Who should go, or not.”

I didn’t feel like home while reading that book, you know what I mean? This book is an advanced reader’s copy and therefore I want to be honest. I’m really sorry that I have to give such a negative feedback but a review has to be honest, no matter if I got the book for free or not. Maybe you think differently about this book, but this is my opinion and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t enjoy this book at all.