short review: Covent Garden in the Snow

short review: Covent Garden in the Snow

Hello and welcome to another short review – this time in English. I hope that’s okay for all my German readers out there.

Covent Garden in the Snow*” is a romantic novel written by British author of several other books Jules Wake. Read more about the book itself at the end of the article.

My opinion

The words ‘Covent Garden’ had me. The novel screamed my name. I mean, London?! You know about my obsession, right? I was there just a few weeks ago. In London. At Covent Garden. Happy times.

This book is about make-up artist Tilly who works at a opera house in London. She is not very good with computers – or should I say with every electronic device except her Kindle? So when she loads a virus on her work computer she is confused. How did that happen? But help is on its way: Marcus, the new IT director is there to help the opera house with everything computer related. It’s bad enough that he has to be THAT attractive!

Tilly’s boyfriend Felix meanwhile has secrets that Tilly doesn’t see coming. Scandals at work are suddenly in the tabloids. Her gay co-worker Vince acts strange, but Tilly doesn’t make the connection.

Okay, I said enough. No more spoilers!

I’d be lying if I’d say the story line is not predictable. But isn’t every book of that kind predictable? It’s not a bad thing. The main thing in a book is that you feel entertained. And I loved Tilly and Marcus.

Yes, it’s just another ‘a bit clumsy but nice woman meets sexy as hell man’-book. There is a twist in it, there are books involved (yes, Tilly is an avid reader and so is Marcus). There is London. In winter.

So, if you are looking for a cosy book to read on your couch – then this is for you.