review: Dreaming of Venice (T.A. Williams)

I received this E-Book via Netgally.

I’m not quite sure whether I really liked the new novel by T.A. Williams or just liked it. Don’t get me wrong: “Dreaming of Venice*” is yet another good book the author has written. But first things first.

Artist Penny lives in London. To make ends meet she works at a café so she can afford a place to sleep – although that means an apartment with a shared bathroom and rats living in the building. When she isn’t working she paints. She hopes that one of the galleries will react to her applications. But so far: nothing.

At night she dreams of Venice and in them there is this dark haired man with a beard. She never sees his face.

By chance she gets the opportunity to earn more money. Her job is to act as Olivia, a young woman from a wealthy familiy her age. Because they look almost identical Penny has to join events and conferences in the name of Olivia. That involves some pretty expensive dresses and spending nights at luxurious hotels, too.

Olivia herself isn’t able to attend these events due to the sudden death of her father a few months ago. Nobody, including Penny’s friends and family, must know about the job.

It sounds a bit like a fairy tale, don’t you think? Especially when Penny spots the mystery man, or pirate man, with the beard on a few occasions. Unfortunatly, she only sees him for a few seconds. She never gets to talk to him and she starts to believe that he isn’t real. Although the feelings are very real. It feels like love at first sight, something she never experienced before.

It gets more complicated when Penny finally visits the city of her dreams: Venice. There is a conference she has to attend as Olivia.

My opinion

So, first, as every other book by T.A. Williams, I enjoyed reading that one, too. It’s a bit different from his “What happens…”-books, I think. But there is also a labrador – or in the first half at least.    As you might know from his other books history is also a topic. In this case it’s art and the historical buildings of Venice. I’ve never been there and I’m not that interested in Italy, I must confess. But it sounds so interesting in this novel. Williams has a talent for describing things such as cities or buildings.

I liked how Penny is able to help Olivia heal and that they become so good friends. And this mystery man? He seems like a really nice guy, But I was a bit sad when the novel ended rather sudden. I’d like to get to know him better and also about Pennys future. But I think that is up to the reader.

The novel ends quickly, too quickly for my liking. First I thought she will never see him again and I was at 97% – and then whoosh… But I would say I really liked reading the book and I hope you’ll too!

who else reviewed this book?

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