Review: "Spring at Blueberry Bay" by Holly Martin

This is the third book by Holly Martin that I’ve read. Like the other two I enjoyed reading “Spring at Blueberry Bay*”. This new novel will be published on 7 April. I received a copy by NetGalley in order to review it (this is also why I’m writing this in English).

“Spring at Blueberry Bay” is about Bella, who is scared of love and lost her old job at a charity company because the owner took the founded money. Now she has almost nothing left but there is a job interview at another charity company coming.
A few days before this interview she finds a (of course good looking) homeless guy in front of her house and, because she likes helping others, she takes him in. I wondered, “wtf? She lets a strange guy into her house? That is a bit dangerous!” But (only) the reader soon finds out who this man is: Isaac Scott, the CEO of the company wheere Bella will have the job interview. Than I asked myself why he would do that? I mean, sure, that way he gets to know applicants and if they are willing to help at all. But it’s a very unorthodox way.
You can guess what will happen, right?

Although it all happens really fast, it’s lovely to read how Bella develops and also how Isaac is handling the complicated Bella. Bella loves her new job and she is there for Isaac when he loses his home. Isaac is a really nice guy and I can see why Bella falls in love with him. But it has to get a bit complicated because otherwise it would be boring, right? When a family secret is revealed Bella runs away from her problems – and she pushes Isaac away.

There are some things that made me think. Isaac codes an app for Bella and the charity in 2 weeks. It’s similar to Pokémon Go, as it is also said in the book. But I think you aren’t able to design an app like that in nearly two weeks. Isaac learned how to do this stuff at university and hasn’t done it in years. I don’t think that it’s possible to do this during a short time. But okay, this is fiction, not reality.

If you have a problem with books including some sex scenes than you should probably skip this book. But if you like reading a good romance with two cute dogs and lovely people in it, than you should go for it. I was a bit sad when I reached the end of the book. I hope to read more of Bella and Isaac and maybe of Eden and Dougie?