review: "Summer at the Dog & Duck" (Jill Steeples)

At the beginning of the year (is it really April now?! Time flies!) I’ve read the first book of the Dog & Duck-series by Jill Steeples. Thanks to NetGalley I was able the read the next book: “Summer at the Dog & Duck*” will be published on 1 June. If you haven’t read the first one yet, please notice that this review might contain some spoilers.

A few months have passed since Ellie took over the pub called “The Dog & Duck” and started the relationship with Max Golding, the good looking property developer and owner of a manor. It’s spring now and Ellie enjoys running the pub and the company of her dog Digsby. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of time for Max as they are both busy with their jobs. Then there is the summer fair coming and some other celebrations, too.

When Max’ teenage sister Katy shows up, there are a few arguments not only between the siblings. And we shouldn’t forget Max’ ex Sasha who has a little surprise and Ellie fears the worse. And it’s kind of weird that her name is Sasha because my boyfriend’s name is Sascha. 😃

So this is a quick summary of the events. Although books like this are predictable, I loved reading this heart-warming novel. On some points I was like “omg, Ellie. Don’t you see what’s happening with you? Even I can see that!” But I don’t know. If you were in her situation, would’ve you noticed? I think not.

On the other hand, I couldn’t tell at the beginning what the problem between Katy and her mum was. I understand her behaviour now and you can see a big development in her character – as well as in Sashas.

The end came too quickly and it’s a cliffhanger! Now I want to know what happens next. Will Max propose? What about their announcement? How are the reactions? What about Polly and George? I hope there will be a third book!