Natalie Kleinman

Mai 2017 - Leserückblick

gekauft im Mai “The Summer Seaside Kitchen*” (Jenny Colgan) ✔︎ “To Rome, with Love*” (T.A. Williams) ✔︎ “Return to Castle Bay *” (Phillipa Ashley) ✔︎ “Milchschaumschläger*” (Moritz Netenjakob) ❍ Rezensionsexemplare “The Chateau of Happily-Ever-Afters” (Jaimie Admans) ✔︎ “Summer

review: Escape to the Cotswolds (Natalie Kleinman)

© freebiesgallery Don’t judge a book by its cover – why I didn’t enjoy reading this novel When I first saw the cover of “Escape to the Cotswolds*”, a novel by Natalie Kleinman